Deeply grew out of a small group of surfers back in 2004, in Portugal, a country well known for its abundant sea coast of perfect waves and amazing beaches, cold winters and hot summers. The sea is our playground and people are our inspiration.

We believe in a better world, full of people with a positive, inclusive, balance and nature connected attitude. In times of busy, demanding and often overwhelming lives we are on set on helping in this journey, making the most of our lives with and for the communities who share a common love for the sea and respect for the environment.

We are set on providing products fit for purpose and designed to last. We do it passionately teaming up with our athletes, partners and surfschools. Listening and bringing them all into our creative and development processes.

As we see climate changes increasingly happening, we give our contribution, specially to save our oceans and our planet’s water. We dedicate time to think how to design, produce and distribute in a more conscious way.

Stay tuned on everything that gets us going.

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